Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Counting down to our 8th anniversary next month.. I thought it would be nice to retrace our love story.. our beginning I guess…

Me and Azwaj knew each other from a chat room. The Malaysian room to be exact. That room was always so active. Lots of activities, lots of chatters. So when I first joined the room, I had my own cliques, while he had his own. We would exchange greetings and that would be it.

But what fascinated me to him was that he would always “sing” in the room. What I mean is, he would type the lyrics to songs that were “in” at the time. One song that was a big hit that time was “I don’t want to miss at thing” by Aerosmith (that eventually became our song btw..) day he “PM” me and we started to chat…and chat…and chat.. and after some time we eventually started calling each other.

Then one day he told me he wrote me a song. Can you imagine my excitement? He said he would call me later that night to sing it to me… I was on cloud nine the whole day.

Here’s the lyrics to the song…. just a quick note though…my id was t@ti@n@ (just love the name, don’t know why) then and the song was in Malay..ok…hehehe

Tercipta suatu lagenda (So started a story)
Antara aku dan si dia (about me and her)
Tak pernah ku temui (someone I’ve not met)
Tak pernah ku kenali (someone I’ve not known)

Namun hatiku selalu bertanya (But my heart keep asking)
Siapakah gerangan si dia (who is she?)
Mencuri hatiku dalam bicara (the one who stole my heart with her words)
Mungkinkan mimpi ataupun nyata (is this truth of fantasy?)

Adakan aku bersandiwara (am I fantasizing?)
Mencari mimpi yg tiada nyata (searching for a dream?)
Mencari mu ohhh.. t@ti@n@ (searching for you.. t@ti@n@)

Sampaikan salam ku ini (send my regards to her)
Bukakan lah pintu hati (open up her heart)
Oohhh t@ti@n@…. (oh.. t@ti@n@)

***lyrics copyright protected

Now you tell me… What woman would not swoon after hearing that?? I literally had tears in my eyes as I was listening to him singing and strumming his guitar all the way from KL via phone.

It was a feeling that I’ve never felt before and I knew… I had fallen in love and this was to be my destiny….


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