Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A blogger friend of ours is heading down to Malaysia in June 2009! She was so excited when she messaged me to let me know the news. She wants to have our specially brewed tea here, Teh Tarik. She wants to try our yummy Nasi Lemak and she even wants to visit IKEA! Boy she sure sounds more excited to visit Malaysia then she sounded when she went on one of those European cruises last year!

I shall not reveal her identity yet but I’m sure she would blog about it soon enough at her site. Until then, stay tune! kenyit


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While spring cleaning my vanity drawers a few days ago, I found a few pairs of my disposable lenses. They still have not expire so I figured I may as well use them before I have to dump them. Wow! Liberation for the nose! sengihnampakgigi. I guess it would always be like this if I really went for a Lasik procedure.

However, I have this force of habit that you’ll find me ever so often reaching out to the bridge of my nose to straighten my glasses so much so that each time I do that, Azwaj would do… “ah ah ah, no glasses remember?” gelakguling


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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I was scrutinizing my face yesterday – yeah I do that sometimes – in particular my nose. I was peering deep into my nose pores where all the blackheads and the whitehead reside and do you know what I see? Nothing! That’s right! NOTHING. The pores on my nose are absolutely clean. So clean in fact that I’m wondering now what did I do differently this past week or month. The mystery is still unsolved and I will definitely update you once I know because right now.. I’m just in awe!

Now if only I can figure out how to get rid of acne kenyit


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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Just got off the phone with mommy dearest and it seems that they would be NO visit from her this year for Hari Raya. It’s not that the bribe did not work – in fact she was very interested – it was because she does not have anyone to look after Baby, her kitty. Usually when she travels, a neighbour would look after Baby but this time around the neighbour would not be able to do that because she herself would not be around for Hari Raya.

So there you have it folks.. I’m now confirmed to leave KL for Malaysia on this coming Thursday, 28th August and due back here again next Thursday, 4th September.

As much as I am disappointed with mommy’s decision, I am so looking forward to spending the first day of fasting with her sengihnampakgigi.. and of course mommy’s food as well!!


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Thursday, August 21, 2008

We were on our way out of Low Yatt Plaza after buying computer parts for Azwaj’s client. Me, as usual, was yakking away as we were heading towards the parking lot, on how it’s always so crowded at the place even on a weekday and how the air conditioning compressor should be placed higher up at the parking lot so they don’t blow hot air to my face!

Anyway, we had lots of stuff and Azwaj was arranging it all in the motobike’s basket. I was being “helpful” and so he told me to relax coz it’s not like we were in the show “Amazing Race” or anything. After all the stuff was placed nicely in the basket, he started the bike, I put on my helmet and hopped on.

As we were riding off, we heard this “brok” sound and Azwaj realized that he had forgotten to remove the padlock that secured the chain belt. The padlock served as a security measure for the motorbike. Anyway, this time around, he was not able to locate the padlock. It seemed when the motorbike moved, the padlock moved together with the belt and had entered the thingy (not sure what’s it called..hehe).. This was a disaster. We needed a mechanic with all the right tools to open that thing up and removed the padlock before we can ride the motorbike. Azwaj tried to locate the padlock so that he could pull it out into plain sight but was not even able to find it’s location.

We were both distraught. We knew that we need that mechanic but we also did not want to leave the motorbike there. Azwaj again went down on the floor and started fiddling with the chain belt again.

Me? I started praying.. I prayed that GOD would make this task easier for my husband. I prayed for his help. I prayed that he would help my husband figured out what needs to be done.

The next thing I knew, he was able to move the chain belt as all that fiddling was able to dislodge the padlock somehow. With the padlock in plain view, Azwaj was able to open it with the lock. The poor darling was covered with oil and dirt from all that lying on the ground and the fiddling of the motorbike’s part but we were able to go home safe and sound.



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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I’ve come up with a deal for mommy dearest.

I told her that if she spent the first few days of Hari Raya here with me, I would return together with her when goes back to Singapore to celebrate with the relatives there…gelakguling.

What a bribe eh?? After not celebrating it with her for some time, I thought it would be extremely nice this year to celebrate the first day together with Azwaj and his family. It won’t the same as in Singapore where she would celebrate it with her sisters but hey, change is good sometimes…

So I’d be calling her tonight but somehow I know she’s gonna give me the answer like very close to the day itself.. sigh..for some reason she doesn’t like it here!!

Here’s hoping and praying doa she says “YES”


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Monday, August 18, 2008

I’ve been talking about going on vacation so many times this year that you guys are most probably thinking.. “OK! Go travel already!” gelakguling

Well, not as easy as that, I’m afraid. Firstly it’s the coming of the fasting month soon followed by the “Raya” month and then probably the “searching” house month and then further followed by the “moving” month. That would set us back to the December school holidays, which, by my standards is a “NO NO” holiday month simply because it’s the peak season for popular holiday spots and all prices would be sky high. Plus of course, all the places would be jam packed with people holidaying with their kids!

However that did not stop me from “window shopping” on good old Miss Fly. Azwaj and me have dreams of going to Europe one day. He wants to go to Amsterdam and I want to go Paris…and since we are there, we definitely want to go to London to see the Queen! gelakguling

So there I was looking at some Hotels in London and their Hotel reservations charges and well, let me just say, me and Azwaj need to work a lot harder or win some lottery or something to realize this particular dream!


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Sunday, August 17, 2008

I was chit chatting with Azwaj today on the possibility of taking a plane ride back to Singapore this time, especially if I am thinking of traveling during the fasting month. With all this fantastic flight deals being offered by lots of airlines, it might just be feasible and economical enough.

However, when looking back at the time it involves, I may just think twice about it.

Let’s see, on my end:

  1. We need to be at the airport at least 1.5hrs before departure which means leaving the house an hour before that
  2. Next there’s that 40minutes plane ride which is fine
  3. Then upon arrival, 40minutes taxi ride to my home

All in all timing involved, about 4hours on my end.

On Azwaj’s side:

  1. 1.5hours before departure, one hour ride to airport
  2. one hour ride back home..

Time wasted for Azwaj, 3.5hour plus petrol.

If I were to take the coach, it would take about 6hours door to door for me and probably about 1.5hours for Azwaj and petrol savings as well..

Hmm.. I think the decision is made… coach for me.. after all I wander off to slumber land the moment I’m on board anyway..


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Friday, August 15, 2008

I always loved taking the quizes over at BlogThings. They are easy. They are fun. And most importantly they are spot on.. well most of the time anyway.

This test that I just took today tells you a little bit more about myself – that I love harmony and mutual understanding, that I am good at listening and that I am a creature of habit, much like a cat. I do adapt well though..

Anyway, I really don’t know what ESFJ means but wouldn’t it be funny to print the words “You Are An ESFJ” as one of those funny t shirts and see how others respond..gelakguling?

Anyway, here’s the rest of the result…

You Are An ESFJ

The Caregiver

You are sympathetic and caring, putting friends and family first.

A creature of habit, you prefer routines and have trouble with change.

You love being in groups – whether you’re helping people or working on a project.

You are good at listening, laughing, and bringing out the best in people.

In love, you value harmony and mutual understanding.

You will apologize or give someone the benefit of the doubt, if it means getting over a fight sooner.

At work, you are good at building relationships and connecting with people.

You would make a great nurse, social worker, or teacher.

How you see yourself: Organized, dependable, co-operative

When other people don’t get you, they see you as: Opinionated, critical, and know-it-all

I would say it’s 90% accurate. As for the last part.. you tell me!!!


Edited: Debbie googled it and informed me that
ESFJ = Extraversion, Sensing, Feeling, Judging.
Thanks dearie kenyit

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Thursday – woke up at 11pm, did not sleep at all
Friday – slept at 11pm (after 24hours of no sleep)
Saturday – woke up at 4.30am and slept at 11pm
Sunday – woke up at 5am and slept at 4pm. Woke up again at 8pm and slept at 11pm
Monday (today) – up at 3am because I needed to go to the bathroom, first to pee then…jeng jeng jeng, stomach upset.. can you believe it at 3am in the morning?… must be all the Durian siul

~ wonder what time I’ll be sleeping today..gile

Since I am up, perhaps I should pack for my upcoming trip back to Singapore. Can’t afford that nice Rimowa travel bag yet, so I guess I’ll still be using my regular beat up one for now … gelakguling


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Saturday, August 9, 2008

I didn’t sleep the night before. Why? Because I decided to change my template for my woman blog. I didn’t really fancy the blue theme and the colours was a tad bit dark for me. Plus the blog entry area was a strange colour too so each time I wanted to put an image, it stands out too much from the whole blog.

Anyway, the transition went fine. I am so used to changing templates that I can do it even without taking the blog offline. I did my own customised header, I changed the size of the content wrapper and even make the side wrapper bigger so that it does not look too cluttered.

All went fine, like I said…. until… I viewed the finished product in IE and Opera! OMG! The sidebar, because I made it bigger, has “spread” to outside the outer wrapper making it look hideous! So I went in and started tweaking again and for the life of me couldn’t figure it out. I ain’t no template expert, you know, though I can figure out certain stuff. I explained the situation to Azwaj who asked me what was wrong after he saw me frowning the whole night staring at codes and he told me that sometimes some templates are just like that. That’s why it is important to check that the new template you choose are good to go on all platform.

Well, the template was good to go until I started to tweak it..lolzz!!

Anyway, I gave up at 11pm yesterday after almost 24hours of no sleep. However, the moment I got up this morning, that was the first thing I tackled after replying to comments and stuff. I realised that the template I’ve chosen did not have any “wrapper” per say and that’s when I knew.. I had to do it myself.. I opened up the coding for my other blogs, compare and contrast, copy from here, paste to there and so on and so forth.. And I dare say.. I am EXTREMELY happy with myself coz I DID IT!!!! (of course with a bit of God’s whispers here and there giving me inspiration along the way)..

I DID IT! So go on.. check out my latest bright new template for Being Woman!


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Thursday, August 7, 2008

I really don’t need a quiz to tell me what I already know but sometimes it’s always nice to get some form of affirmation. After all I’ve got a fantastic life – my Azwaj that I adore and adores me back, my kitties who loves me (I think gelakguling), a wonderful career that don’t need me to go through any employment screening to get a job. ..Yeah, life has it’s up and downs but what kind of a life would it be without some form of challenge right?

So here goes..

You Are Very Happy

Your life is totally together, and you enjoy every day.

And you don’t need a quiz to tell you that!

You know how to find pleasure in the little things…

And even when life isn’t so great, you have a good sense of perspective.


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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

After what seems like an eternity, my internet connection finally stabilized yesterday. Whether it was because of blogspot clearing out some blogs that was reported as spam blog or sitemeter widget giving problems, I was happy that I am now able to post new entries, reply to my comments, bloghop, drop my EC and comments on my favorite site as wells. Life again is calm and LJ is once again balanced kenyit

But, oh man.. is that acne I see? You see what stress can do to me and my forehead??

:scream: oh sigh!!!

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Friday, August 1, 2008

I love you more and more each passing day!! Muahsss!!!!

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Guess what cake I baked?? Lolzz!!


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