Monday, August 18, 2008

I’ve been talking about going on vacation so many times this year that you guys are most probably thinking.. “OK! Go travel already!” gelakguling

Well, not as easy as that, I’m afraid. Firstly it’s the coming of the fasting month soon followed by the “Raya” month and then probably the “searching” house month and then further followed by the “moving” month. That would set us back to the December school holidays, which, by my standards is a “NO NO” holiday month simply because it’s the peak season for popular holiday spots and all prices would be sky high. Plus of course, all the places would be jam packed with people holidaying with their kids!

However that did not stop me from “window shopping” on good old Miss Fly. Azwaj and me have dreams of going to Europe one day. He wants to go to Amsterdam and I want to go Paris…and since we are there, we definitely want to go to London to see the Queen! gelakguling

So there I was looking at some Hotels in London and their Hotel reservations charges and well, let me just say, me and Azwaj need to work a lot harder or win some lottery or something to realize this particular dream!


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