Saturday, August 9, 2008

I didn’t sleep the night before. Why? Because I decided to change my template for my woman blog. I didn’t really fancy the blue theme and the colours was a tad bit dark for me. Plus the blog entry area was a strange colour too so each time I wanted to put an image, it stands out too much from the whole blog.

Anyway, the transition went fine. I am so used to changing templates that I can do it even without taking the blog offline. I did my own customised header, I changed the size of the content wrapper and even make the side wrapper bigger so that it does not look too cluttered.

All went fine, like I said…. until… I viewed the finished product in IE and Opera! OMG! The sidebar, because I made it bigger, has “spread” to outside the outer wrapper making it look hideous! So I went in and started tweaking again and for the life of me couldn’t figure it out. I ain’t no template expert, you know, though I can figure out certain stuff. I explained the situation to Azwaj who asked me what was wrong after he saw me frowning the whole night staring at codes and he told me that sometimes some templates are just like that. That’s why it is important to check that the new template you choose are good to go on all platform.

Well, the template was good to go until I started to tweak it..lolzz!!

Anyway, I gave up at 11pm yesterday after almost 24hours of no sleep. However, the moment I got up this morning, that was the first thing I tackled after replying to comments and stuff. I realised that the template I’ve chosen did not have any “wrapper” per say and that’s when I knew.. I had to do it myself.. I opened up the coding for my other blogs, compare and contrast, copy from here, paste to there and so on and so forth.. And I dare say.. I am EXTREMELY happy with myself coz I DID IT!!!! (of course with a bit of God’s whispers here and there giving me inspiration along the way)..

I DID IT! So go on.. check out my latest bright new template for Being Woman!


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