Thursday, August 21, 2008

We were on our way out of Low Yatt Plaza after buying computer parts for Azwaj’s client. Me, as usual, was yakking away as we were heading towards the parking lot, on how it’s always so crowded at the place even on a weekday and how the air conditioning compressor should be placed higher up at the parking lot so they don’t blow hot air to my face!

Anyway, we had lots of stuff and Azwaj was arranging it all in the motobike’s basket. I was being “helpful” and so he told me to relax coz it’s not like we were in the show “Amazing Race” or anything. After all the stuff was placed nicely in the basket, he started the bike, I put on my helmet and hopped on.

As we were riding off, we heard this “brok” sound and Azwaj realized that he had forgotten to remove the padlock that secured the chain belt. The padlock served as a security measure for the motorbike. Anyway, this time around, he was not able to locate the padlock. It seemed when the motorbike moved, the padlock moved together with the belt and had entered the thingy (not sure what’s it called..hehe).. This was a disaster. We needed a mechanic with all the right tools to open that thing up and removed the padlock before we can ride the motorbike. Azwaj tried to locate the padlock so that he could pull it out into plain sight but was not even able to find it’s location.

We were both distraught. We knew that we need that mechanic but we also did not want to leave the motorbike there. Azwaj again went down on the floor and started fiddling with the chain belt again.

Me? I started praying.. I prayed that GOD would make this task easier for my husband. I prayed for his help. I prayed that he would help my husband figured out what needs to be done.

The next thing I knew, he was able to move the chain belt as all that fiddling was able to dislodge the padlock somehow. With the padlock in plain view, Azwaj was able to open it with the lock. The poor darling was covered with oil and dirt from all that lying on the ground and the fiddling of the motorbike’s part but we were able to go home safe and sound.



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