Friday, September 19, 2008

WE WERE SHOCKED to find out that a friend of ours just gone through a divorce. A decade into the marriage and with three kids in tow, I can’t help but wonder if there had been some way to salvage the union. Only these two people know the exact reason why their “Till death do us part” only ended ten years. It is not for you or me to judge. We just hope that their journey continues on for a better tomorrow for both parties.

Two persons enter into marriage with every intention of making it forever. Two persons enter into a sacred union to create a happy family, sharing love, dreams and hopes. I guess when somewhere along the years, something goes wrong, and the dreams and hopes shatters into oblivion there is nothing to do but end it. It’s sad, YES, but it is also, reality.

Your Life's Just Starting
I always believe you can’t make anyone happy if you, yourself, feels misery and by staying in a marriage strictly for the kids or for any sort of convenience, you are cheating yourself and your partner of any real happiness.

So the next time, someone tells you that their marriage had ended. Don’t judge, be sympathetic to a degree and encourage them to move on in their life. Don’t look at it as an ending. Look at it as a beginning.


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