Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Meeting old friends are always nice. To catch up on new developments, catch up on old times and old gossips and just to renew the friendship.

We met up with Azwaj’s childhood friend yesterday at the Blue Zone Cafe over at Waterfront Ampang. As always, the food was great but the company was greater. We talked about family, Azwaj’s new entertainment portal and even blogging. It seems Jeepang have a blog of his own too on Malaysian Antiques. He just need the right motivation to continue his blogging and I had hope that our conversation yesterday would spur him on kenyit!

I did not really get a chance to know his wife as she was a tad bit distracted with their two year old daughter who, after having half a plate of chicken rice was extremely energized and wanted to roam the streets on her own. So you can see we really need to meet up again to talk about girly stuff and get to know each other better before we can talk about sensitive issues like pills for diet and stuff..senyumkenyit

They have invited us to their home one day and Jeepang suggested that we accompany them to Kuantan when they next visit his wife’s hometown.. Hmm.. I guess I need a cat sitter eh?


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