Monday, September 15, 2008

I honestly give up on some men. They just don’t make sense making me sometimes wished I never brought up the topic in the first place. There should probably be more textbooks on understanding the male species than there is on female.

We were talking to this guy today. He was commenting how lucky Azwaj was to get a wife who understands his work and his style of working. I mean, I am never one to keep calling Azwaj whenever he goes out to meetings and return late into the night or to keep pestering him to come home when he’s outside. Believe me, I get irritated by ladies who do that.

Anyway, he was complaining how his wife doesn’t understand the nature of his work, that can sometimes take him late into the night, and how his wife will nag whenever he comes home late at night even though he was at the office all the time.

I asked him whether he had ever try explaining what he does to his wife. You know what his answer was?

He said his wife wouldn’t understand even if he tried to. OMG! I felt insulted for the lady. To belittle his wife to that extreme. I would have accepted his complaint if he had tried but the wife still don’t understand but to not even bother? Then another guy in the group said something that nearly had me blowing my top. He said that perhaps it is better for a wife to not know so much about a husband’s work and doings outside the home – that work and personal matters should not mixed. OMG! Then for goodness sake don’t complain that your wife don’ understand your work in that case! No wonder this guy is still not married. With that kind of mentality.. what woman would want him?

I then said something that made everyone in the group very quiet…I said..

Your wife is probably only as smart as you are.. so if you think she’s dumb, perhaps you are as dumb if not dumb-er!

Peace out…

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