Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I’ve not gone to bed yet since last night. I was catching up on my EC rounds, spend some time watching videos while waiting for the laundry to be done.

My ulcers still hurt and it’s almost comical imagining how I look while trying to eat that Serawak Laksa I got for breaking fast yesterday. I was eating like I had all the time in world. I sat at the dining chair for a good hour and a half trying to finish up a bowl of that delicious Laksa. Definitely gonna get some more today. Ulcers or no ulcers…heheh.

And now I’m contemplating whether I should vacuum the floor while waiting for the postman to arrive. I knew I should have gotten one of those super quiet Electrolux vacuums as I will never hear the doorman knocking if I were to do that chore now. I am so excited to receive the gifts I won as Top EC dropper over at Emila’s last month and I definitely don’t want to miss that all important knock. After all that’s what I’m staying awake for….lolzz

So the vacuuming can wait while I do more bloghopping. See you in a bit 🙂


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