Friday, October 31, 2008

I spent a good hour talking to my mom on the phone today. No, it was not about best diet pills. It was about her eyes. She’s still complaining that after about five days of antibiotics and eye-lid washing, her vision has still not improved.

The doctor did say that her cataract is at a very early stage but he did also say that for some people even the slightest cataract level could affect their quality of life. I guess my mom belonged to that category of those “some people”.

She has another appointment in early December which I am recommending she keeps so that the doctor can advise more but I think a cataract removal procedure might be in the horizon..


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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ever since my mom short stint here, I’ve been normal. Normal meaning I would get sleepy at 11pm! That’s ridiculous right? For me it is. I’m trying to slowly stretch my nights but it is difficult. Even posting now takes so much effort because I would be yawning away and my eyes would get all teary from it.

You know coffee does nothing nothing for me. I could be drinking three cups right now and you’ll see me snoring in the next hour or so if I choose to sleep. So I guess buying any espresso machines won’t help either eh. It is just something I drink because I enjoy the beverage so much.

Oh well.. I guess I just have to be normal a little bit longer while my body block re-adjust itself. Till then if you don’t hear from me at midnight, you know I’m off in zzz land..


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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

As much as I love going back to Singapore to visit my mom and friends, one thing that was always nagging at the back of my mind was the lack of internet access for me while being there. Sometimes I think of it as a mini vacation away from my internet life, away from being LadyJava and just being me but I deep down I know that LadyJava is me and that part of my life can never be separated. So every other day, I would go downstairs to the internet cafe and stay there for about an hour to check on emails, update my blogs and to visit my buddies and leave comments whenever possible.

That being said, I hate the internet cafe downstairs. It is so uncomfortable. The chairs are creaky and worst is that the computers are all so slow. Sometimes because they don’t do regular maintenance, the cache would all be full and I can’t even load my gmail properly without it kept asking me to clear my cache. They also don’t have my favorite browser Firefox. I think the company should hire someone like new york it consulting company to give them proper advice so that customers like me leave the place feeling satisfied and would return always.

However, since I bought Miss Fly, my laptop, I’ve been very lucky. I was able to get access to internet via my wireless network connection at my Singapore home. I shall not dwell on this.. so if you know what I’m talking about, good for you.. if you don’t.. hmm.. email me and I’ll explain senyumkenyit

So now.. hurray.. I’ve no need of that internet cafe downstairs anymore.


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Monday, October 27, 2008

I desperately need to get some acne treatment all lined up. We are into the last week of October and I am nowhere in the top 3 of GP’s Top Commenter List. I know, I know, it may sound petty but I’ve always been her number one fan and not to be her TOP commenter in BOTH her blogs is really heartbreaking. But… I have a strategy..heheh…. shhh..diam


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Thursday, October 23, 2008

We left early on 22 October for an appointment at the National Eye Center in Singapore. Mommy’s appointment was for 9.50am but I figured because we had to walk slowly because of mom’s blurred vision and the usual “can’t find one when we need them” taxi syndrome, it was safer to leave at 8.30am.

We were lucky as we were able to catch a taxi real fast and was able to reach the place a little after 9.15am. After registration, mom had to go through the initial eye and the pressure test (same as what was done in Malaysia). After about half an hour later, we met up with the doctor. He was very patient as I explained the events from last week – the visit to the eye specialist in KL, the new pair of specs, and the intermittent double vision.

He looked at my mom’s eye through an eye machine and his first diagnosis was cataract. He’s able to see some but he said it’s not serious but some people might find it annoying enough. Because we were there for a second opinion, he wanted to do the dilation test yet again. So they put some drops in both mom’s eyes and we have to wait for the eyes to react to it.

We waited quite a bit here even after her pupils were fully dilated and when we re-entered the doc’s room again, he apologized for the delay as they had to attend to a Cambodian minister first. Anyway, the results were all good. Mom’s retina is clear and nothing to worry about.

So, final diagnosis is : Mom’s eye duct is a tad over-active, causing the gland to excrete too much oil causing the vision to go blur and for her to experience the double vision.

He prescribed Novartis Lid-Care for daily eyelid hygiene and two types of antibiotics to be applied in the eye, Fucithalmic and Optodexine. He told us that should solve the double vision but if the blurriness persist, it is most likely cause by the cataract. We have another appointment to see him on 3 December which is 6 weeks from now.

Thank you to all who’s been interested in my mother’s development. You guys are my BFF for sure love


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Monday, October 20, 2008

Mommy’s glasses is really awesome and it is one of the best buy the optician can offer. It’s not branded or anything but it serves it’s purposes. She chose a simple design with colored lenses to block out the sun so it’s kind of like a sunglasses with prescription lens.

As to her vision, it is still blur and she is still experiencing double vision intermittently. One minute is clear and the next she can’t see clearly. I think it’s the recovery process and it would take a while before her full vision is restored but I totally understand her impatience. I would be frustrated too should I have to live in blurriness without my glasses!

I convinced her to give it a month or two to see if there would be any improvement. In the meantime, I thought I’d make an appointment at the Singapore Eye Center for that December appointment. I figured if by November my mom’s eyesight is restored, I will just call them and cancel the appointment but if her eyesight is still the same, at least we have an appointment already.

So this morning, I called the Singapore Eye Center to make an appointment for the earliest available date. This is the shocker. It seemed that if we were to make an appointment as a private patient, we could get an appointment as early as tomorrow. It is only when we make an appointment with referral from the government polyclinic or OPD that the appointment would be sometime in January. This is because you pay a much subsidised rate when you come with an OPD referral letter.

I was like, “WHAT?” How come no one told me this the last time I called? I am so mad now but what’s done is done right? No point being angry (easy LJ). The important thing now is mommy has a new appointment to see the doctor on Wednesday. I hope they can figure out what’s wrong with her eyes because I’m getting worried too.

So friends, I’m gonna disappear again for a few days and settle my mommy situation in Singapore. Not sure when I’ll be back but I hope to be able to be online with the generosity of that Mr Nice Guy somewhere in the block.. siul


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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It’s been about 48hours now since mom’s visit to the doctor. She is, unfortunately, still complaining of double and blurred vision. In fact, this morning she told me her eyes actually sting. I really don’t know what to do or say except to tell her to be patient. However, I am also bringing her to an optician first thing tomorrow morning to have her eyes checked. Perhaps she needs bifocal now and just not her reading glasses.

More updates soon…


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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Since mommy’s here, I have been lagging in my drops and my comments. I’m even down to number four at GP’s list of Top Commenter over at her blog. Each day as I look at my email, I see tons of reply comments from the other on the list vying for that coveted one month featured spot. I’m itching to reply to them but I can’t very well spend all my waking hours in front of Miss Fly replying comments when mommy’s here can I? I’m not complaining, mind you, I’m so happy my mommy is here and I’m even more glad that I could be around to help her recuperate from her eye “injury”. At least I can monitor her while she’s here and not have to wonder what’s going on in Singapore if she was still there.

So, I guess it’s just that competitor spirit in me talking. After being top TC for so long it definitely felt strange not to see my name at the top anymore and by the look of the aggressive commenting going on there, I doubt I would even be able to catch up but then’ll never know eh. siul

Anyway, I got to go now as I got some research to do on Amerisave mortgages corporation for a friend. So I guess I see you when I see you ya kenyit


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It’s been a while since I’ve read a book. Any book for that matter. The last book I read was an e-book titled “Only when it rained” – a beautiful and innocent e-book about love and romance. It’s a simple story, nothing complex and no big love triangle drama. Just a sweet book about love and a couple in love and how love conquers all. Sometimes we all need that kind of perfect scenario to remind us of what is important in life. Love may not conquer all in reality but with true love, any hurdles that we may face become easier to handle together.

The last time I was in Singapore and clearing out my stuff, I found this box filled with books. One of them was written by my ex-boss on strategies which is what he is, a Management Consultant specializing in Strategies. You know I never really gotten around to reading it and oh how I felt guilty that time. After all aren’t you suppose to support your boss’s project and endevours? I also found other books by the author of CEO succession. It was somewhere in the pile and again I never really gotten around to it. No wonder I’m not rich yet..sengihnampakgigi

Oh well.. I know I should be reading again but then what would happen to my blogs???


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Monday, October 13, 2008

We went to the Eye Specialist late this morning to bring my mother to see what’s wrong with her eyes. Because it was a walk-in-clinic we were told upon registration that we would have to wait for about two hours. So we thought after the initial eye test, we would go grab an early lunch but surprising after half an hour or so we were called in. I guess what Dan P Neumeister said in his blog is really being practiced here.

The first test that the clinic assistant conducted was the usual eye test. Mom passed with acceptable result. Then it was followed by air pressure test where some air was blown into mom’s eye. I was not sure what was the result of that one but it seems no one was overly concerned so I’m guessing it was “OK”.

Next it was the actual doctor’s visit and Dr Hardeep attended to us. He was a kind and gentle man and both mom and I felt instantly comfortable with him. He asked mom to sit in front of this machine and placed her chin on the support. Mom’s eye’s was then magnified and from where I stand, behind the doctor, I could see exactly what he saw. The first thing he said was “Ah there’s a tiny fleck of something in the right eye” I could also see the fleck from the machine’s screen. However, it was so tiny that there is no way we could have seen it with the naked eye.. plus the fleck had lodged itself on the pupil so even with frequent washing and rinsing with eye drops, it would not have dislodge itself.

Dr Hardeep asked for a tweezer and I was like “what?.. is this gonna hurt?” and he said..”no.. I already gave her anesthetic”.. and the next thing I knew.. he already took the fleck out. It was “WOW! Fantastic!” Mom did not feel a thing and the thing was I did even see him administer it. Well done Dr Hardeep!

I then asked him why the double and blur vision and also why her eyelid hurt and he said it’s probably because the left eye was being influence by the strain and stress on the right eye. He then decided to do more test just to pacify us and for that he needed to dilate mom’s pupils. Three drops and fifteen minutes later, mom was called in again to see Dr Hardeep and again she was asked to sit in front of another eye machine. After further investigation, mom eyes was given a clean bill of health. YEAY!!!!!

Mom’s eyesight now is still blur from the the dilation drops but he did say that all the blurriness would go away by tomorrow so that’s the first step for now.

Oh by the way, the doctor don’t know what the fleck was but as long as it’s out, we’re happy!


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Phone calls are so expensive nowadays that sometimes you might think twice before even lifting the receiver. And of course, with emails, texting, voicemail and even chat softwares as alternative it is now not really necessary to talk “live” anymore. In fact when I was working, to avoid distraction of long-winded conversation, our “life-line” was the voicemail. I used to just leave voicemail for everyone even my colleague sitting in the next cubicle simply because we can be fast, save time and straight to the point.

If a local call to my mother-in-law in Malaysia itself can run to the hundreds monthly, don’t even talk to me about overseas or long distance phone call. It can ruin you if you are not careful. Azwaj and I used to be on a long distance relationship surviving on lengthly phone conversation throughout the night and that alone made him a “Gold” member with one local cellular provider. It also sort of became a catalyst for us to get married as well..


However, because my mom and her generation are not internet or phone savvy, special plans like those offered by Spectrotel long distance carrier can save you and me lots of money. With discounts and sometimes free offers, I’m sure you can find a plan just right for your needs.

So glad my mom is with me now regardless of the circumstance.. hehehe


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Friday, October 10, 2008

I need a fast shuttle service from Malaysia to Singapore, something like JFK Shuttle
service perhaps! And here’s why..

Mommy called yesterday to let me know that there was something wrong with her eyes. It seems that the day before she was on her way to buy cat food when she noticed that she was seeing double of everything. Her eyes turned watery and it hurt in bright surrounding. She went to see her regular doctor and was told that it was probably just some infection as there were no sign of cataract of anything else. She was prescribed eye drops and some pills (I have no idea what pills those are).

After taking the pills and using the eyedrops and still no change in her condition, she called me to let me know and ask me for next steps. I asked her to go the nearest polyclinic in Singapore and get a referral letter to a specialist in our local hospital. This afternoon she called to tell me that her earliest appointment at Tan Tock Seng Hospital is in January 2009! Can you believe that? JANUARY 2009. What if it is something serious? What if it can cause blindness? I then called the National Eye Center in Singapore and was told the earliest date they can offer my mom is in December 2008! OMG!!

I don’t know any eye doctor in Singapore off hand and to do more research would take time so I called my MIL here in KL. She suggested Shukri and Hardeep Specialist Eye Care over at Jalan Ipoh. I called and I was told I could just walk in on Monday! What a relief! I called my mom and told her I was coming down tomorrow to pick her up and bring her to KL on Sunday for Monday’s doctor visit. She agreed.

Whatever it is, I just hope the doctor would be able to give a diagnosis fast. If my mom wanted to do follow up treatment in Singapore that would be her choice, but to wait till December to find out what’s wrong with her eyes is simply ridiculous!

One worried daughter..

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Azwaj and I have been at odds end trying to figure out what to do about our sofa situation. It’s very nearly at the end of it’s life cycle. All because of our beloved kitties and their habit of making it their scratching post. Our living room furniture sofa set is made of rattan and over the years the only surviving item is the sofa and even now that piece is crying out in pain begging to be replaced.

Well we may just have found the solution in the form of the stainless steel furniture just like the one we found over at the Boyles discount furniture stores. I doubt we can get it there literally but at least now we know such furniture exist for cat lovers like us!

So the challenge now would be to find a local store that carries such a line. Hmm.. any ideas anyone?


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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I was on the phone with my mother today and she was telling me how her Raya went. It sounded like she had guest after guest after guest visiting her over the weekend. Can you believe one family actually chartered a bus, kind of like Bus Charter NYC, for this visiting occasion. Not just to my mother’s place of course but to visit all their other relatives as well. I guess it’s much economical than taking taxis or driving individual cars. It also helped that one of the brothers was also a driver for the public bus service in Singapore! I wonder where they actually park the bus while they were visiting. ..hmm…I forgot to ask!

Raya for me in Malaysia is really very quiet especially since most of our family and friends all went back to their respective home state. It was really a culture shock to me when I first moved here. Back in Singapore, I would dress up for the first day of Hari Raya, go visiting relatives and friends till the wee hours. Here, after visiting my in-laws, it straight back home. The visiting actually happens the second or even the third weekend when there would be invitation to “open-houses” so much so that sometimes we have to decline some invites.

I guess I’m so used to it by now that it doesn’t bother me much but I do still miss the excitement of the whole “first day’ thing.


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Monday, October 6, 2008

I love this song and I found this cute version by Dusty Springfield!

I Only Want to Be with You

This is something I just do for fun on a weekly basis. If you feel like participating, do leave me a link here and I’ll come and visit you and view your video 🙂


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Life must really be desperate for a lot of people now. Can you believe that while we were having dinner last, we were approached by some stranger with life insurance quotes? Insurance is pretty sensitive stuff and even if I were going to buy another policy, I would not just buy from a total stranger off the streets. To give him credit he was pretty apologetic before he left after we told him we were not interested.

Anything to put food on the table eh?


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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Lots of people have hobbies. Some hobbies like collecting stamps, coins, NFL Uniforms, guitar playing or even just cooking get lost somewhere down in our lifetime. Some get picked up again and some just get forgotten.

It’s been a while since I indulge myself with my hobbies. I used to love to knit and to crochet when I was younger. I would crochet anything from cushion chair backs to doilies to even my own pouches. I remember how I would sneak any available time that I have knitting sweaters at the office and even on the train to and from work. I would carry this large tote bags with all my thread and needles and patterns..hehe.. ah those were the days..

However somewhere down the line I lost that passion. Life got busier and got more interesting. There were lots to do outside the house and somehow sitting home at my little corner knitting away wasn’t something I look forward to anymore. Besides, my purchasing power was greater so it was just easier to buy clothes or anything I fancied.

Today, while looking around to look for totally something else, I found my knitting needles and some thread leftover from the last sweater I made. I tried a few stitches and it felt so good. Perhaps I’d take it up again soon and perhaps knit something nice for Azwaj. We’ll see… kenyit


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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

… to all my family, relatives and friends… Selamat Hari Raya – Maaf Zahir dan Batin

Salam Rindu dan Sayang…

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We have this sit-up bench thingy that have been stored away in my dressing room. It is collecting dust but each time I’m in that room, it sort of calls out to me to use it. I actually tried it a few times when it was sitting in the study earlier this year but somehow I lost the drive to continue. Plus I had that operation remember? So how on earth was I supposed to do sit-ups?

Anyway, this is usual in my case. I find excuses not to exercise no matter what. However I have never resorted to diet pills though believe me I’m so tempted especially after reading reviews on how so many people have lost weight through the use of Orovo Superfoods that is supposed to not only help you lose weight but also provide a total health package.

The burning question is..Does orovo really work? I definitely need to look into it more but if anyone wants to share some info on it, you’re more than welcome to do it here.


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If you must know, I was on a Commenting war path with Emila over at GP’s blog. I was all set with my Delsey luggage to camp there tonight at her blog to regain my Top Commenter Spot that I have been defending for over five months now.

Today, I am happy to report that I WON!!! After a hot last round yesterday with me losing to Emila by few comments, I managed a comeback today while Emila was busy with Raya preparation….menari

Sorry Emila but hey, you were were a worthy opponent tepuktangan . I see you next month ya kenyit


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