Monday, October 13, 2008

Phone calls are so expensive nowadays that sometimes you might think twice before even lifting the receiver. And of course, with emails, texting, voicemail and even chat softwares as alternative it is now not really necessary to talk “live” anymore. In fact when I was working, to avoid distraction of long-winded conversation, our “life-line” was the voicemail. I used to just leave voicemail for everyone even my colleague sitting in the next cubicle simply because we can be fast, save time and straight to the point.

If a local call to my mother-in-law in Malaysia itself can run to the hundreds monthly, don’t even talk to me about overseas or long distance phone call. It can ruin you if you are not careful. Azwaj and I used to be on a long distance relationship surviving on lengthly phone conversation throughout the night and that alone made him a “Gold” member with one local cellular provider. It also sort of became a catalyst for us to get married as well..


However, because my mom and her generation are not internet or phone savvy, special plans like those offered by Spectrotel long distance carrier can save you and me lots of money. With discounts and sometimes free offers, I’m sure you can find a plan just right for your needs.

So glad my mom is with me now regardless of the circumstance.. hehehe


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