Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Since mommy’s here, I have been lagging in my drops and my comments. I’m even down to number four at GP’s list of Top Commenter over at her blog. Each day as I look at my email, I see tons of reply comments from the other on the list vying for that coveted one month featured spot. I’m itching to reply to them but I can’t very well spend all my waking hours in front of Miss Fly replying comments when mommy’s here can I? I’m not complaining, mind you, I’m so happy my mommy is here and I’m even more glad that I could be around to help her recuperate from her eye “injury”. At least I can monitor her while she’s here and not have to wonder what’s going on in Singapore if she was still there.

So, I guess it’s just that competitor spirit in me talking. After being top TC for so long it definitely felt strange not to see my name at the top anymore and by the look of the aggressive commenting going on there, I doubt I would even be able to catch up but then again..you’ll never know eh. siul

Anyway, I got to go now as I got some research to do on Amerisave mortgages corporation for a friend. So I guess I see you when I see you ya kenyit


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