Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We have this sit-up bench thingy that have been stored away in my dressing room. It is collecting dust but each time I’m in that room, it sort of calls out to me to use it. I actually tried it a few times when it was sitting in the study earlier this year but somehow I lost the drive to continue. Plus I had that operation remember? So how on earth was I supposed to do sit-ups?

Anyway, this is usual in my case. I find excuses not to exercise no matter what. However I have never resorted to diet pills though believe me I’m so tempted especially after reading reviews on how so many people have lost weight through the use of Orovo Superfoods that is supposed to not only help you lose weight but also provide a total health package.

The burning question is..Does orovo really work? I definitely need to look into it more but if anyone wants to share some info on it, you’re more than welcome to do it here.


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