Thursday, October 23, 2008

We left early on 22 October for an appointment at the National Eye Center in Singapore. Mommy’s appointment was for 9.50am but I figured because we had to walk slowly because of mom’s blurred vision and the usual “can’t find one when we need them” taxi syndrome, it was safer to leave at 8.30am.

We were lucky as we were able to catch a taxi real fast and was able to reach the place a little after 9.15am. After registration, mom had to go through the initial eye and the pressure test (same as what was done in Malaysia). After about half an hour later, we met up with the doctor. He was very patient as I explained the events from last week – the visit to the eye specialist in KL, the new pair of specs, and the intermittent double vision.

He looked at my mom’s eye through an eye machine and his first diagnosis was cataract. He’s able to see some but he said it’s not serious but some people might find it annoying enough. Because we were there for a second opinion, he wanted to do the dilation test yet again. So they put some drops in both mom’s eyes and we have to wait for the eyes to react to it.

We waited quite a bit here even after her pupils were fully dilated and when we re-entered the doc’s room again, he apologized for the delay as they had to attend to a Cambodian minister first. Anyway, the results were all good. Mom’s retina is clear and nothing to worry about.

So, final diagnosis is : Mom’s eye duct is a tad over-active, causing the gland to excrete too much oil causing the vision to go blur and for her to experience the double vision.

He prescribed Novartis Lid-Care for daily eyelid hygiene and two types of antibiotics to be applied in the eye, Fucithalmic and Optodexine. He told us that should solve the double vision but if the blurriness persist, it is most likely cause by the cataract. We have another appointment to see him on 3 December which is 6 weeks from now.

Thank you to all who’s been interested in my mother’s development. You guys are my BFF for sure love


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