Friday, October 10, 2008

I need a fast shuttle service from Malaysia to Singapore, something like JFK Shuttle
service perhaps! And here’s why..

Mommy called yesterday to let me know that there was something wrong with her eyes. It seems that the day before she was on her way to buy cat food when she noticed that she was seeing double of everything. Her eyes turned watery and it hurt in bright surrounding. She went to see her regular doctor and was told that it was probably just some infection as there were no sign of cataract of anything else. She was prescribed eye drops and some pills (I have no idea what pills those are).

After taking the pills and using the eyedrops and still no change in her condition, she called me to let me know and ask me for next steps. I asked her to go the nearest polyclinic in Singapore and get a referral letter to a specialist in our local hospital. This afternoon she called to tell me that her earliest appointment at Tan Tock Seng Hospital is in January 2009! Can you believe that? JANUARY 2009. What if it is something serious? What if it can cause blindness? I then called the National Eye Center in Singapore and was told the earliest date they can offer my mom is in December 2008! OMG!!

I don’t know any eye doctor in Singapore off hand and to do more research would take time so I called my MIL here in KL. She suggested Shukri and Hardeep Specialist Eye Care over at Jalan Ipoh. I called and I was told I could just walk in on Monday! What a relief! I called my mom and told her I was coming down tomorrow to pick her up and bring her to KL on Sunday for Monday’s doctor visit. She agreed.

Whatever it is, I just hope the doctor would be able to give a diagnosis fast. If my mom wanted to do follow up treatment in Singapore that would be her choice, but to wait till December to find out what’s wrong with her eyes is simply ridiculous!

One worried daughter..

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