Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ever since my mom short stint here, I’ve been normal. Normal meaning I would get sleepy at 11pm! That’s ridiculous right? For me it is. I’m trying to slowly stretch my nights but it is difficult. Even posting now takes so much effort because I would be yawning away and my eyes would get all teary from it.

You know coffee does nothing nothing for me. I could be drinking three cups right now and you’ll see me snoring in the next hour or so if I choose to sleep. So I guess buying any espresso machines won’t help either eh. It is just something I drink because I enjoy the beverage so much.

Oh well.. I guess I just have to be normal a little bit longer while my body block re-adjust itself. Till then if you don’t hear from me at midnight, you know I’m off in zzz land..


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