Monday, October 13, 2008

We went to the Eye Specialist late this morning to bring my mother to see what’s wrong with her eyes. Because it was a walk-in-clinic we were told upon registration that we would have to wait for about two hours. So we thought after the initial eye test, we would go grab an early lunch but surprising after half an hour or so we were called in. I guess what Dan P Neumeister said in his blog is really being practiced here.

The first test that the clinic assistant conducted was the usual eye test. Mom passed with acceptable result. Then it was followed by air pressure test where some air was blown into mom’s eye. I was not sure what was the result of that one but it seems no one was overly concerned so I’m guessing it was “OK”.

Next it was the actual doctor’s visit and Dr Hardeep attended to us. He was a kind and gentle man and both mom and I felt instantly comfortable with him. He asked mom to sit in front of this machine and placed her chin on the support. Mom’s eye’s was then magnified and from where I stand, behind the doctor, I could see exactly what he saw. The first thing he said was “Ah there’s a tiny fleck of something in the right eye” I could also see the fleck from the machine’s screen. However, it was so tiny that there is no way we could have seen it with the naked eye.. plus the fleck had lodged itself on the pupil so even with frequent washing and rinsing with eye drops, it would not have dislodge itself.

Dr Hardeep asked for a tweezer and I was like “what?.. is this gonna hurt?” and he said..”no.. I already gave her anesthetic”.. and the next thing I knew.. he already took the fleck out. It was “WOW! Fantastic!” Mom did not feel a thing and the thing was I did even see him administer it. Well done Dr Hardeep!

I then asked him why the double and blur vision and also why her eyelid hurt and he said it’s probably because the left eye was being influence by the strain and stress on the right eye. He then decided to do more test just to pacify us and for that he needed to dilate mom’s pupils. Three drops and fifteen minutes later, mom was called in again to see Dr Hardeep and again she was asked to sit in front of another eye machine. After further investigation, mom eyes was given a clean bill of health. YEAY!!!!!

Mom’s eyesight now is still blur from the the dilation drops but he did say that all the blurriness would go away by tomorrow so that’s the first step for now.

Oh by the way, the doctor don’t know what the fleck was but as long as it’s out, we’re happy!


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