Tuesday, October 28, 2008

As much as I love going back to Singapore to visit my mom and friends, one thing that was always nagging at the back of my mind was the lack of internet access for me while being there. Sometimes I think of it as a mini vacation away from my internet life, away from being LadyJava and just being me but I deep down I know that LadyJava is me and that part of my life can never be separated. So every other day, I would go downstairs to the internet cafe and stay there for about an hour to check on emails, update my blogs and to visit my buddies and leave comments whenever possible.

That being said, I hate the internet cafe downstairs. It is so uncomfortable. The chairs are creaky and worst is that the computers are all so slow. Sometimes because they don’t do regular maintenance, the cache would all be full and I can’t even load my gmail properly without it kept asking me to clear my cache. They also don’t have my favorite browser Firefox. I think the company should hire someone like new york it consulting company to give them proper advice so that customers like me leave the place feeling satisfied and would return always.

However, since I bought Miss Fly, my laptop, I’ve been very lucky. I was able to get access to internet via my wireless network connection at my Singapore home. I shall not dwell on this.. so if you know what I’m talking about, good for you.. if you don’t.. hmm.. email me and I’ll explain senyumkenyit

So now.. hurray.. I’ve no need of that internet cafe downstairs anymore.


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