Friday, January 2, 2009

Abah, my father-in-law, hurt himself today while climbing down the ladder from the rooftop. It was not the outdoor rooftop but rather the “inside” one. It was accessible only from mama’s sewing room.

It seemed after he was done, he climbed down, must have lost his footing somewhat and came tumbling down with the ladder. He has a deep cut on his shoulder caused by the edge of the bookshelf when he fell. He also had some bruises and his whole body all ache he said. Luckily mama was there when it happened but in her panic she can only watched as the whole incident happened before her eyes. She screamed for my SIL who was also at home and together they helped Abah away from the incident.

Luckily he did not suffer any serious injuries. In fact he refused to go to the doctor but I suspect the pain would actually set in the morning when all the bruises would be swollen. We advised him to lay off his gardening for the time being and hopes he listens 😉


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