Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We found out that the pharmacy that I normally go to buy my asthma medicine is closing down end of this month. So in anticipation of that and for my own convenience, while I search out another pharmacy, I went on Asthma medicine purchasing frenzy. I bought four Seretide Accuhaler for my mom, and two of the evohaler version for myself and four ventolin inhaler as well! That should set my mom up for eight months and me for about 6months! OMG I feel so healthy already! LOL!

By the way the pharmacy is call PharmaCare and I heard they are closing all their branches in the whole of Malaysia. I loved this place because they offer 10% discount on all prescribed medicine and when yours cost like RM165 a box, you’re thankful for any discount you can get.

Anyone knows where else I can go now? Or does anyone know is this book is any good?


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