Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yes!!! A friend of mine is getting married!! After going solo for the longest time, she finally met her match, someone she said, that is worthy of her love. LOL! All I can say is “Awesome” dear friend. It’s about time you join the club and experience marital bliss!

The wedding is in June so I got plenty of time to start shopping for bridal gifts. A bunch of us have decided to throw her a bridal shower and present her with a sexy lingerie of some sort, perhaps a nice and sexy babydoll nightie or even some seductive corsets. Hahaha.. can’t wait to see the look on her face! What say you??

Others notes:
Had steam fish for dinner today.. even had second helpings of rice.. yumss. Was at the office from 6.30pm to midnight. Then had Teh Halia C, thats ginger tea with evaporated instead of condensed milk and a helping of toasted bread with butter. Yikes! Eating at midnight! No good 🙁


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