Thursday, January 29, 2009

I’m hardly superstitious and let it be known that when I read horoscope, I only pay attention to the good bits and totally ignore the bad stuff.. so taking that into consideration, let’s see what my Chinese star has in store for me this year!!


Opportunities await you this year. You should have good luck in career, romance and wealth. But you also have some unlucky stars.

Career: With three big lucky stars smiling on you, you should make significant progress in your career. You need not go out of your way to look for opportunities as they will come to you. If you do your best, you’ll achieve success. The Rooster loves luxury and works hard to procure a better life. A significant amount of money could come your way this year, perhaps an unexpected inheritance.

Love life: The married Rooster will enjoy a wonderful family life. The single Rooster should prepare to begin a new relationship. It’s a nice time for Roosters to get married and have a baby.

Health: If pregnant, the female Rooster must tread carefully. The male Rooster may have liver problems, so watch your health.

Take note: Talk less, work more.

LOL! Not bad at all… ok.. noted!


Source: The Star

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