Friday, January 9, 2009

I think it’s a subtle way of the body telling me to slow down, or do something about it. My sleeping habit are less to be desired. So is my eating habit to be honest. The first sign of “aging” for me is that my old injured knee is creating problems. I had a terrible accident a while back that had me falling off my bicycle. I didn’t have surgery or anything but I think it may have done something to my knee bones. It hurts back then too but not as much and often as it does now. Nowadays, even climbing up stairs hurts!

Anyway, Azwaj advised me to start taking mult-vitamins from Centrum, that I got from the local pharmacy, which I did immediately and guess what, my condition has greatly improved. I noticed it immediately as now I don’t have that stabbing pain each time I stand on my right leg anymore.

That’s what aging is all about eh..



First Commenter.. LJ Loves Ya

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