Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Azwaj called me yesterday at 10.28pm saying that since his friend was sending him home, he will not be able to stop anywhere to buy dinner and that I should just order something from Nandos. I tried calling the company up from that time to 11pm but got a busy tone instead so I’m guessing that the line was “made busy” as orders for home delivery ended at around 10.30pm or thereabouts. So we called McDonalds instead.

Our food arrived at around 12.30am after about 40minutes from our order so it was perfectly accepted. What was not accepted was that they forgot to include my order for chocolate sundae. I called their hotline number immediately and put in a complaint and was told someone from the the restaurant would call me. I waited till 12.48am and no one called. I put in another complain to their hotline and again was told someone would call me. This time I waited a good half an hour before calling the hotline again. This time no more miss nice woman. It was the bitchy LJ calling and I could actually hear terror in that girl voice. I told them that if I don’t get my order by the time I go to bed tonight, someone at the restaurant is gonna get it tomorrow when I go down the restaurant and I told the girl to tell that to whoever was in charge tonight at the outlet. I know the sundae does not cost that much but it’s the principle about it and LJ is all about principle.

Anyway, I got my sundae half an hour later after that call to the hotline number though no one actually called me from the outlet itself. I guess they were worried of a blast off in the middle in the night!

And now, since I had that sundae in the wee hours of the morning, I guess it’s time to visit the fitness equipment to work it off. Hmm.. or perhaps it can wait till tomorrow…hehehh..


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