Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I can’t remember the last time I went for a holiday.. a REAL holiday, not a return-to-Singapore holiday. A REAL holiday with sightseeing and shopping and dining and more shopping 🙂

Perhaps after this hectic two months that involved a lot of packing and hospital visits I can go and visit some place nicer instead. I wouldn’t even mind a local holiday although an overseas one would be nicer.. LOL!

I’ve never been to the States but I got a blogger friend that is ever so willing to show us around if ever we decide to make New York as a holiday destination. But I guess even if she is too busy I can always rely on CitySights NY. I heard they are the recognized leader in New York City sightseeing and if New York City Attractions are what we are targeting for, then they are the way to go. We can hop on one of their 60 double-decker bus and with their only top-deck sitting, we’ll be able to see the Big Apple in style!

Oh well.. a girl can dream right?


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