Saturday, June 20, 2009

One thing about moving is that sometimes when you pack certain stuff, you label them generally and at that moment of time, you think you will know what those code words means when you unpack.. so boxes end up labeled as ‘vanity top” or “personal – no need to open” and then they end up not opened!

This was what happened to my perfume collection. They all ended up in a box that said “vanity drawers – do not open” and that’s how they remained “not opened” for three years!

As I was moving boxes to the new apartment today, I saw this “epic” box, as GP called it, and decided to just opened it. As I was slitting the tape, I noticed a nice scent emitting out from the box and I smiled. Ah ha! I thought. This must be the box that had my perfume in it! True enough.. there it was.. in a green container nicely tucked away! So ladies and gentleman..I present my lovely perfume.. nothing much or special but I was so happy I found it so I thought I share.. lol!!

GP!! This post is for you!!! heheh.. I found my box!!! Woott!!!


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