Friday, June 19, 2009

As you may or may not know.. A was a professional guitar player before. He was a regular sessionist at recording studios and even did back up for famous bands like… hm.. he doesn’t want me to say here coz he wants to keep low profile..hehhe …… and get this.. he was an extra in the movie “Jimmy Asmara” and there was a full 3seconds face shot of him playing his guitar as he back the band in the movie! Ahh.. my darling movie star sengihnampakgigi

Anyway.. as he was a pro guitarist before, as you may have guessed, he has lots of guitars! To the likes of Fender, Ibanez and Kramer. I always thought a guitar is a guitar, until I hear him talk with fellow guitarist and starts talking about “pickup” and “sounds” and what not, that makes certain guitars great for playing rock music, or jazz pieces or just plain old pop songs..

Well… so the story goes, we brought the guitars over to the new place yesterday and we had M along with us to help lug the heavy guitar cases. They each were carrying two guitars (looking like they were going for a gig or something) and there was this man in the lift with us. As the elevator door closed, this guy asked A… “Which band huh?” hahahahha… A shyly said “no band.. just hobby”.. .

.. Ah if only that man knew where those guitars have been.. he’d be asking A for his autograph for sure… 😉

Take a bow sweetie!! tepuktangan


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