Monday, September 14, 2009

We left the apartment as usual around 6.45pm to go get our daily “buka” (breakfast) and upon approaching the motorbike parking bay, which was near the lift lobby, Azwaj went “Sh*t someone stole my back wheel!” and we only realised they actually stole both front and rear motorbike wheels once we actually reached the parking bay!!

Upon further inspection, he then realized that the ignition was also tampered with, so we reckon that they actually tried to steal the whole bike, then probably because A secured it properly, didn’t manage to and stole the wheels instead.

A passerby stopped by and told us that the bike was already like that when he left for school at 8am so we figured the job must have been done at night. The security guard also confirmed that he was doing his rounds at 8am and noticed the parking lights smashed and the wheels missing already and though he recognized the motorbike as A’s, he didn’t know our unit number to inform us.

Anyway, A decided the best course of action was to move the motorbike to his parents house before anyone else thinks that the bike was there as spare parts or before the thief decides to come back and finish the job. So we called a lorry (costing RM150) to move Mr Yamaha to my in-law’s place and there it would sit till tomorrow when another lorry would bring it to a nearby motorbike shop to get the tires, rims and brake disc replaced!






What a Monday!!!

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