Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We didn’t get to replacing the wheels for A’s motorbike yesterday since the lorry driver can only do the delivery at 3pm and with the traffic jam and so close to breaking fast, we decided to do it today instead. We were at the motorbike shop around 11.30am and were told to pick up the motorbike at around 3pm. Cost:

Normal Rims, tyres, brake disc …and everything else to make the motorbike run again: RM592

Total lorry cost (thank GOD they are reliable like moving companies San Francisco): RM250

Total cost: RM842

While at the shop, we were also told that the sports rim (picture as above) that was stolen was no longer in production and in the black market, it’s price would reach RM1000!!!! Azwaj is so pissed!! Those were nice rims!!

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