Thursday, February 4, 2010

I’m back in KL people and with some update on Mama’s condition.

Shortly after speaking with Azwaj this morning, he text me again saying that his sisters were able to feed Mama some water and that sort of re-hydrated her a bit and her condition stabilize so Abah called off the ambulance. However at about 11am, after speaking to his doctor friend who suggested that he goes to Damai Service Hospital for a day treatment of perhaps some water and food drip, an ambulance was again called to bring Mama to the service hospital.

Upon reaching the hospital, the radiotherapist and an oncology doctor attended to Mama and took some x-tray to see how Mama was progressing. Surprise, surprise, they did not detect any brain tumor and the cancer in her lungs are all gone. Of course, they suggested a detailed examination of MRI and what not but from what they can see, Mama is home-free! However, there was a slight infection in her lungs perhaps from Saturday when she vomited and some of that vomit had entered her lungs causing her to develop a mild fever. Luckily that could be cured easily.

Mama is now at Damai Service Hospital, which is like 10minutes away from home, resting and is on food and sodium drip for a two day observation stay. Abah took a room that is meant for two patients and paid for both beds so he can accompany her both nights. We are all happy as the room is very nice with it’s own tv, toilet, microwave oven and even water softener so we know both mama and abah would be comfortable there tonight.

Phew.. what a relief! and thanks so much for all your kind words and prayers.. love ya!



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