Friday, April 23, 2010

This month has been one of the most trying month of my life. In fact I’m beginning to think that April might be my sad month. Why?..

Let’s see..

  1. My father passed away on 15 April 1992
  2. My grandma passed away in April of 1993
  3. Mufasa, my fur-kid, passed away on 25 April 2009
  4. My Mama passed away on 8 April 2010
  5. The most current event, Minnie and Smokey fell from my 6th Storey service balcony. Both survived. Smokey is alright.. thank goodness. If her liver can stand it, Minnie, will have to go through surgery tomorrow.

.. and I’m having the most terrible joint pain because I went up and down the stairs looking for Minnie and Smokey two days ago. No complaints though. I’m just glad I found them again!

How has April been for you lately?


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