Sunday, June 13, 2010

My BFF Monica did this at her blog and since I loved my results, I’m posting it here.. hehe

You Are a Doer

You are energetic, active, and a total go-getter. You don’t procrastinate or back down. You just do it! (Yes I do)

You think that most people are paralyzed by fear and inaction. They would just feel better if they did something. ( I actually feel fear can be crippling and unfortunately people succumb to it too much)

You make a good leader and a good motivator. You believe that everyone is happier when they are being productive. (A DEFINITE YES)

You love to take on new tasks. You enjoy learning, and you see every day as a growing experience. You’re always changing… and changing for the better! (I love new challenges, knowledge and sharing those knowledge. Changing for the better tops in my books)


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