Monday, July 19, 2010

What kind of a stupid moronic idiot has such a thinking? Seriously I may not be a parent but is it really necessary to have kids to be driven?

You may ask me where this is coming from. Well it stemmed from this idiotic person who had this conversation with Azwaj.

Azwaj : I think it would nice to have this kind of gathering once a year so that we can catch up with each other. You know accomplishments, achievement, sorrow and stuff. I heard now Z has even own a car so that is really something and B is a millionaire.. Wouldn’t it be great to share in each other glory so that we may all be driven to do better with our lives?

Idiot: Well A, if you have kids, you’ll be driven.

Azwaj : huh?

End of conversation.

When Azwaj related the conversation to me I went ballistic. I asked him how the conversation ended and he said he just let the comment slide coz this idiot is really a moron and any arguments he had to explain his statement would only make make him more moronic, if that is at all possible.

Well honestly I am sick and tired from people who thinks they are wiser and smarter just because they have kids.

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