Friday, July 2, 2010

Have you ever spoken and immediately regretted it sometimes?. Have you ever wished you had thought about what you were going to say before the words just get uttered out? Have you sometimes wished you could just snapped your fingers and wished it was five seconds ago?

Sometimes we say things without ever thinking how the other party might feel. Sometimes we feel we have every right to say what’s on our mind. To heck with what other people feel. To heck with the repercussions. But what happens when the same happens to you? What if another person did the same to you? Would you bitch about being hurt or are you one of those people that don’t care? Are you one that just shrugged your shoulder and say “hey, it’s not personal”

Me? To be honest about it, I always tend to put a front that I don’t care when in fact I do. It’s never “not personal”. It’s always personal. I think you are just in denial if you think otherwise, as a self-defense mechanism. But what do I do when such things happens. I reflect upon the situation, try to analyze it and see if I could have done it differently and MOVE ON. Either take action or just accept that sometimes it’s just too late. The words are spoken and it’s out there. Lingering, wandering around, for someone to take it or ignore it.

Someone told me, if you want to be seen, stand up, if you want to be heard, speak up and if you want to be appreciated, SHUT UP! lolz

And that is one good advice!


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