Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My mom suffered joint pain in her finger a few months back. She couldn’t lift her ring and her little finger without pain. Initially we thought it was early onset of arthritis so we gave her off the shelves supplements that contained glucosamine chondroitin msm but when that didn’t seem to solve the problem, I brought her to the clinic instead.

trigger finger

trigger finger

When I brought her to the doctor, she was diagnosed with what is called Trigger Finger. Apparently Trigger Finger can happen due to one or both reasons.

Old age though you can get it as early as 30 years old and/or  Overuse of your fingers, through a lot of hard work. (my mom used to have a food stall) or typing or even texting!

My mom was given an injection to bring down the inflammation and luckily for her it worked and now she has full use of all her fingers again. In severe cases, surgery would have been necessary.


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