Friday, November 12, 2010

Sometimes I feel so moody that all I want is some peace and quiet and most times that ain’t so easy with 9 kitties that is constantly demanding attention in the house. One will want to cuddle, one will be screaming her head off because she wants so to be an outdoor cat and one will be trying to sneak into my spare bedroom each time I go in and grab something. At times I feel like I have a house full of kids instead of just cats!

At such times, I wished we had one of those huge bathrooms that can accommodate a Jacuzzi or a huge bathtub. I can then put in some bath salt, light some aromatherapy candles and put on some nice soft music and just while away my time as I feel the terrible moods drifting away and nice energy rejuvenating me instead.

Speaking of bathroom, I’ve always loved huge bathrooms that I can fit a shower and a bathtub into. I’m a shower kinda girl but a bathtub holds so much more potential when one is trying to get into a better mood. Interiors fixtures like the one that can be found at betterbathrooms dot com can also help create a nice ambiance.

dream bathroom

My Dream Bathroom

Anyway.. back to my mood.. I think I need a nice cup of hot tea and some donuts but where am I suppose to get donuts at this hour? sigh!!


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