Saturday, January 15, 2011

blackberry phoneOn my trip back to Singapore, I took the opportunity to check out some of the mobile phones available in the Singapore market. I was going crazy at all the packages that the telecommunications providers were providing. Some were even offering free mobile phones with a two year contract..or at very least the phones, like the HTC Desire I would love to own so much, was going at a ridiculous low price. Let me tell you, if I was still living in Singapore, I would be switching phones each year with the upgrade options the company were offering. I might even give the blackberry torch or the  blackberry playbook a try!

But alas, I don’t live in Singapore anymore and to get a mobile package there just doesn’t make sense right so I just moved away and carried on with my shopping instead. ..hehehe… oh did I tell you I got my long overdue boots? I did! Yeay!.. but I shall leave that for another post 😉


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