Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I am so engrossed with my new phone right now that I am neglecting most of my online and offline work especially since I seriously need to learn more about how tea tea oil works so I can clear my face of the acne spots that I got from my previous acne attack . I feel so guilty but I cant seem to be able to stop. Lol!

I am testing most of the apps over at the Android marketplace. Some are fantastic and awesome but there are some that are just a waste of time. But I dont mind coz I’m having fun fun fun.

One of the apps that I found was for WordPress publishing and I am testing it right now. You guessed it. I am blogging from my phone that I call LadyDesire. I hope this works as it would be so cool to able to do real post even when I’m on the road.

So here goes… and… publishing!


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Posted from WordPress for Android via LadyDesire

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