Tuesday, March 15, 2011

doctor2011 has so far been very challenging for me in terms of health.

In January, my cysts started acting up which caused me nearly one week of downtime and torture. Earlier this month I had a severe case of diarrhea which saw me rushing to the toilet every 5minutes and another week of downtime.. and just today I have been peeing non-stop and each session, sting.  Not sure what was the cause but I am suspecting my body was dehydrated. I drank like a mug of water every 10minutes and that seemed to help with the situation. Boy, am I glad I’m not working for anyone and rushing off to my 9 to 5 job like before. If I were my boss, I’d fire me! lol!

My client just emailed me asking when I can start working on  her e-commerce site again. I took time off because of Aggie’s surgery and she has been nice enough to hold off any jobs. It also helped because she needed some time off herself to concentrate on her own online degree programs. Yeap, I really envy her, doing online degree programs and running an online store.. how awesome right?

Anyway..I hope no more illness come my way this 2011. I think I had enough of being sick already 🙁


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