Saturday, April 9, 2011

Yesterday was the 1st anniversary of Mama’s demise. It all seems so surreal that sometimes we still talk about her in the present tense as oppose to the past and sometimes we still expect her to walk down the stairs when we go visiting Abah at his home. We all miss her for sure and as time heals the sorrow, the memories live on…

The living continue to live too. Abah has refused to move in with us or his other children as he still treasures his independence. Though generally a healthy man, he still has some complaints about backache and sometimes shortness of breathe that makes us think getting him one of those medical alarm bracelet a great idea.

How awesome would that be for both my mom and Azwaj’s abah right? Unfortunately the service is not available here or in Singapore yet but the idea behind this concept is absolutely brilliant. With the bracelet that serve as a personal help call button, our senior citizens can lead their independent lives but still be within help distance anywhere they are.

telephoneAnyway, until such service becomes available here, I’ve been calling my mom almost everyday, same as Azwaj to his father,  to make sure they are well all the time.

Have you call your parents today?


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