Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ever since being sick and losing 2kilos and probably gaining it back already, I am feeling like a bloated whale right now. I eat and eat but I seemed to be hungry again in less than 3hours. I’m not sure if I’m “REALLY” hungryor if it’s just wind coz after I eat, I tend to feel nauseous. Anyway, to try to be less nauseous, I’ve been eating smaller meals and it seems to work though I hope I won’t gain weight from all this eating because as we know from some of the lipozene reviews, diet pills don’t always work.

Anyway, as I’ve mentioned in other blog, I’m trying to be “normal person” which means “day person” and it’s been two days now.  It’s not bad, except for the heat, so I reckon I will continue  even though this quiz from blogthings is telling me otherwise.. lol!

You Are a Night Owl

You’ll be the first to admit that you aren’t a morning person. You dread hearing the alarm clock. True.. the alarm clock is my “frienemy” 

You really don’t start to wake up until the afternoon, and you reach your peak energy levels at night. I love working at night coz it’s so cool and quiet

You can’t be rushed early in the day, and you hate having a 9-to-5 job. Not really though I love not having a 9-5 job..

You do better when you’re able to set your own schedule. You prefer to let inspiration strike at night. Spot on!






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