Monday, May 9, 2011

cockeye My mom and I went over to the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority today to go get our passport renewed. Although we are able to submit our application via internet or post, I decided to bring my mom to ICA itself and do it over the counter because I wanted to request for urgent collection. So now instead of collecting it next Monday, I can collect mine on Thursday instead.. yeay!.. though since I have an appointment during the collection appointment time, I can only collect on Friday 🙁

As happy as I am with the service over at ICA and the quick turnaround time, I can’t help but be dissatisfied with my passport photo. Apparently my new awesome glasses give a bad reflection and since they need to “see” my eyes, it is not approved. The lady at the photo kiosk handed me a pair of fake glasses with no lens. My antennas all got raised because I knew this photo will turn out disastrous simply because when I am photographed without my glasses, my eyes tend to go all screwy as if I am seeing double.. and just as suspected, it turned out so 🙁

Arghh.. I so hate looking at that photo now!

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