Saturday, May 28, 2011

Continuing from my blog post yesterday…

So since I was not prepared for another surgery especially since the last one was only 2years ago, the next meeting was set for 24 May for me to meet up with a specialist to learn more about my condition and what can be done to help me with my situation. The meeting was indeed beneficial as it helped me to understand my condition more, the risk if I didn’t go through with the surgery and the risk if I did go through the surgery.

Basically if I didn’t go through the surgery, my cyst may rupture or twist and by then I would be in so much pain that I would need to through with emergency surgery. If I were to go through with the surgery, the risk would be bleeding, infection and blood clots. The good news is that all these symptoms can be controlled with medication and the percentage of that happening is real low.

The doctor also explained that although basically my surgery will be done laparoscopically there might be a chance he may need to open me up should any complications arise.

Surgery Date

16 June - The Surgery

I had so many questions for my doctor that day and he answered me patiently and I didn’t feel pressured to do the surgery at all. Basically I was looking for reassurance that after I go through with this surgery my problem would be solved. He told me that if the problem still occur after the surgery is done, meaning my ovaries and my uterus are spic and span of any fibroids and cysts and cancer has been ruled out, he can prescribed something to counter the problem. After hearing that I was so relieved and after thinking about it and weighing the pros, I finally decided to go though with it.


When I went for surgery in 2008 in KL, there was no pre-op at all. They just took some blood to do some blood work and then ask me to come on the appointed date for the surgery. So when I was asked to come back on 2June, two weeks before my surgery,  for pre-op for this surgery, I know I am in good hands. I guess I will blog about that when it happens 🙂



PS: Cost for consulting with the specialist? SGD25 only. I love being a Singaporean 🙂


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