Saturday, June 25, 2011

continued from Surgery Recapped: The Pain

Mommy came as early as 9.30am on Friday, the 17th.  When she arrived, I already had my sponge bath, had sat on the armchair for a while, as prescribed by the doctor, and was already on my second cup of Milo. She actually came with fried banana fritters and fruits and was upset that I still was not allowed to eat and to know that the doctors had only prescribed “FEEDS” meaning fluid only for the day.

A while later, the physiotherapist came by and explained that she was there as instructed by the doctor to teach me how to “move” about in bed. She said that most people because of the pain will restrict their movement and that is the last thing they should do. She taught me how to move about without putting pressure on the abdomen and how just by flexing the ankles, we can avoid blood clots in the legs while being temporarily immobile. She also help me put on a pair of  Mediven® thrombexin® 18 socks that can help in preventing blood clots.

My aunt and her husband came at around 4pm with “Murtabak”. By this time I had managed to convinced my doctor that I should be able to take semi hard food with Milo and I was so happy to see that “light” dish. Mommy opened the pack immediately and we began eating.. lol! Then at about 5pm, my official meal of bland porridge arrrived. My cousin with her daughter came by around 5.30pm or so with a basket of fruits.

serving meds

Throughout the day, nurses came by to take temperature and blood pressure and dispense medication. One of the doctors had told me earlier that if my condition was stable throughout the day, I would be allowed home the next day. Unfortunately around 4pm when the nurses did their rounds, they told me that I had a temperature of 37.8’degrees celcius which in their books mean fever. I was given a cold compress an hour later to place on my head. The funny thing was I was feeling fine and was having a nice time talking with my mom, aunt and cousin. It was probably a freak incident I thought.

After everyone left for the day at 9pm, the nurses went on their rounds again and this time although my temperature had dropped to 37.8’degress celcius, it is still recorded as fever and somehow I had a feeling I was going to have to stay another day at the hospital… sigh ๐Ÿ™

The next morning, as I had expected, the doctor on duty told me that due to my fever last night, he needed to extend my stay for another 24hrs. He said that fever after a surgical procedure is normal and it could indicate a number of things namely a chest infection, blood clot on the legs or an infection of the surgical area. He told me that if my temperature, which at point had returned to normal, remained stable, I could go home the next day at 11am. Nothing eventful happened on Saturday and I was all ready to go home the next day ๐Ÿ™‚

.. to be continued

Next Entry : The Cyst


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