Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Nametag

I can’t believe one week has passed since my surgery. Last week this time I was in ward 44 Bed 11 at the Women’s Tower of the Kandang Kerbau Hospital going through what is called a cystectomy surgery.

As instructed the day earlier, me and my mom arrived at the admission department at around 11.30am on 16th June. I was a bit peeved that I didn’t get the room I wanted but in the end it worked best for me. After all the paperwork, an orderly brought us to the ward but as my bed was not ready, me and mom waited at the waiting lounge for while. I finally settled down on my bed at the ward at around 1pm. After I changed, the nurse in charge took my temperature and blood pressure and swapped my nostril and my armpit. Then we wait.

I remember waiting in anticipation on my bed with mom sitting next to me waiting for 4.30pm. That is the the time the nurses from the operating theater will call on me and bring me downstairs to the 2nd floor. I remember all the tweets and smses of wishes of good luck from all my online and offline friends which I really appreciated. You guys made me feel at ease for sure 

my bed sign

4.30pm eventually came and so did the nurse. She reconfirmed with me again my particulars, helped me changed into my surgery outfit which was a pretty gown of pink and white (I wished I remembered to take a picture) and explained to me the whole process as I walked with her to the surgery floor. I was asked to wait in a very cold room, given socks for my cold feet and a head cover which looked very much like a shower cap.. lol!

Soon the anesthetist nurse came in and asked me details like whether I had jewelery or dentures on. She told me that they will be using electrical stuff for the surgery and those items would interfere with the procedure. She was very friendly and spoke candidly and I was totally at ease as we walked to the operating theater. Since I had requested to speak to the surgeon before the procedure, I was greeted by three surgeons who answered all my questions and explained what they will do. Basically I wanted to make sure that they will try their very best to NOT open me up and that they try to use the keyhole to bring out the cyst instead. They told me that they will try their best and for me not to worry. When they saw my keloids, they offered to remove it if I wanted to even if they didn’t need to open me up. I said “Yes Please”..

When they wheeled me into the OT, I had my glasses this time, so I absorb all that was going in around me. I saw the large overhead lights from there where I lie, the machines, the knives but to my surprise, I didn’t feel at all scared. The last time I was in the OT was in 2008 and I was blind as a bat coz they removed my glasses even before they wheeled me in.  As they prep me and got me ready to “go to sleep”, I remember saying my prayers one last time.

….. to be continued

Next entry.. The pain!!


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