Sunday, June 19, 2011

I’m making myself comfortable at home now with a nice hot cup of coffee by my side. There was no coffee at the hospital.. Just Milo and barley and I was going crazy without my caffeine fix. As I mentioned in my other blog, I seriously have no complaints over at the Kandang Kerbau Hospital in Singapore, where I had my keyhole surgery. I was a bit peeved in the beginning when I heard I couldn’t get the room I wanted but in the end all worked well.. the room was cheaper for sure so I save on my medical cost. Hurray for me!

The room was cleaned and each morning the ward staff would come and change the bedsheets and pillow cases but not before they spray some antiseptic spray or was it Ortho Home Defense Max BEDBUG Killer on the mattress cover to make sure there were no bed bugs? Whatever it is, my stay was very comfortable although it was a non-aircon room and there were six of us in one ward.

Anyway, since bed bugs are still very much a nuisance in some ares, you might want to watch the video below to see how we can eradicate them for good from our beds. There are also tips on how to see if your bed is indeed infected and get rid of them for good. So watch it and learn people.

A growing pest problem, bed bugs are creepy, crawly and hard to kill.


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