Wednesday, June 1, 2011

money_treeI was just doing my accounts and just realized my medical expenses with regards to this fibroids thingy has reached up to close to SGD400 already. Lucky for me the surgery itself will be paid using my medisave account and I’m hoping even if things get complicated, all my expenses will be borned by the account otherwise for sure I got to ask for financial aid. lol!

Times like this I wished I really made an effort into looking at that medical insurance I keep talking of getting but never really went around to looking for agents. It’s times like this too I wish I had some investment or insurance account that I can cash out on or know of some best penny stocks options that I can start looking at and make a quick buck. lol! I mean I’m looking at this site right now and with such small investment, the returns are really good, provide you know what you’re doing of course.

Can you tell I’m desperate? lol.. Seriously though I hope to God that this surgery remained a laparoscopic one as it will not only heal much faster, hurt much less and  I also don’t have to walk like I’ve just given birth or something.



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