Thursday, June 16, 2011

surgery day

So the day is finally here.. Second surgery in my lifetime. Am hoping it won’t be as major as the first surgery but one never know what the doctors will find once they are inside you!

I’ve started my fasting since midnight. I was told at 6am I could have a light breakfast which consist of only a single piece of bread and tea with sugar. NO milk, the nurse told me. I’m supposed to check in at 11.30am at the Admission office on the 1st level of Kandang Kerbau Hospital. The nurse would show me my ward to get me settled. I can request to see the doctor before the surgery but there is no guarantee that would happen. A medical officer in charge that day will come by to see me and assess my health to make sure I am healthy enough to be operated on. My surgery would take place around 4.30pm.

Pray that all goes well for me ya..


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