Saturday, July 30, 2011

It feels like such a waste to switch on my aircon when I work alone in my home office. Though we have a ceiling fan, I normally have it on speed one as speed two will make me start to sneeze and make my body achy from the too strong artificial breeze. However speed one is really slow that sometimes I wished I had one of those redmax blowers instead to keep me cool.. lol!

So when I found this cute little USB fan at Carrefour today, I couldn’t resist from buying it as it will definitely solve my problem. It is handy, cute and most importantly mobile so that when it gets too “breezy” I can point it to another direction while still getting the breeze. Awesome right? What is more awesome is that it only cost RM20! I thinking of buying another one for my SG home.. lol!


usb fan

Super awesome usb mini fan - Cuteness!!



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