Saturday, October 29, 2011

yipitI was browsing on one of those sites that offer freebies and offers and found an offer that I was very excited about. It was for a free pair of contact lenses. All I needed was to submit my request and within minutes I received their email asking me to collect them at the branch that I’ve chosen when I register. I have not collected the lenses yet but am sure I would enjoy wearing the pair for any special occasion that I might be going to 😉

Don’t you just love sites that offer freebies or items at special prices. There are so many nowadays that you are really spoilt for choices. From 50% to 70% off on food deals, hotel stays and shopping voucher, it almost seems that everything is affordable nowadays. I am on so many programs that my email is now filled with offers everyday…lol.. That being said, sometimes it does tend to clog up one’s email… and that is where a site like Yipit can be helpful.

Yipit acts as a filter for all these offers. Basically what you do, is you sign up, select the deals you want to received based on where you are staying and presto, you one get one email a day that contains only deals you are interested in. This site only caters to people living in the States so if you are living in Dallas for instance, just click on Dallas when you sign up and you will be emailed dallas daily deals only. Now that’s service!

Anyhow have you signed up for those discounts sites and have you bought anything yet? I am so tempted to go on one of those spa treatments. Just waiting for the right one at the right place.


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